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What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty plan is a homeowner’s best defense against the unexpected service repair costs of a residential home’s major mechanical systems and appliances.

Why Choose BRHW?

Since 1985, we have been the leader and innovator in home warranty protection plans. We offer more coverage for less money. The cost of our 14 month plans are what most people pay for 12 months of coverage. There’s no price that can be placed on our knowledgeable staff, access to the most qualified, licensed, and insured contractors, and our professional, courteous customer service representatives.

Providing 14 months of home warranty protection for your home's mechanical systems, appliances, gas fireplace, roof, etc., regardless of age!

For Sale, Not for Sale, Rental Properties & New Construction

"Honest, Affordable Protection" since 1985


“Hello Tim, this is Deb T., again, formerly of #### Lexington Village Lane. I would really like to have the telephone number of the biggest, highest Head Honcho that you can give me or at where you work... now this is not a complaint call, it's not the run of the mill, "gee, you are nice guys". Over the years that I have had the pleasure to do business with y'all, you are one of the, if not the, company that could set the tone for Corporate America, small and large business people...You're true to your word when you say you're going to call back, your representatives are great, the people that come out and do whatever are great and I know that you really try, every one of you guys try to do a good job and you succeed, and, the man who runs or the woman who runs this company needs to really know that you guys are knocking yourselves out. It's very rare that you find a company that is as all together in every respect as you guys are, and I really just feel that it would be the right and decent thing to let the top man know that he's got a company that is made terrific by his good employees and contractors. My number is 719 550-#### and yes, if I go to buy another home, which I'm not planning to be in a apartment forever, you guys will be the company I call, to warranty my next home. I hope you had a good holiday, have a nice weekend. Thank you again.”

Deb T., Colorado Springs, CO

“I have worked with Blue Ribbon about 4 years now. They are so good, I have their warranty on more than one property. WOW! They are awesome. Tim in Service is outstanding. As an example, we had a furnace go out on Saturday 2/14 at 5 PM. We called Blue Ribbon and no kidding they had a technician over there by 8 PM who got the heater working right away. All we paid was our deductible. You will NEVER be sorry that you chose Blue Ribbon Home Warranty.”

Ellen T., Dillon, CO

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